The A-Team – Movie Review

The A-Team starts off with introducing the four main characters. Hannibal (Liam Neeson), is stuck in a life or death bind if he doesn’t come up with his best plan to escape. B.A. Baracus (Quinton “Rampage” Jackson), is overly excited to reunite with his better half, his car. Face (Bradley Cooper), lets his good looks get him into trouble by bedding a dangerous important man’s wife. Last but not least the eccentric Murdock (Sharlto Copley), is committed in an insane asylum impersonating a doctor.

These men become the best Special Forces team in the military, with almost one hundred successful missions. Things become too good to be true when Hannibal’s superior, General Morrison (Gerald McRaney) suddenly gets murdered and the boys are framed for his death. Ordered by the court, they are dishonorably discharged and sent to prison. Some time later, and old friend needs Hannibal and his teams help, so he manipulates security for Hannibal to escape. Hannibal’s frees the others and it’s up to them to clear their name and avenge General Morrison. Is this a setup to use the A-Team to perform an illegal endeavour? Can Hannibal come up with one of his brilliant plans for redemption?
 Review the entire movie
I took a long time to watch this movie because I thought it would be bad and a waste of time. On the contrary, I really enjoyed the movie. It has action, romance and comedy, a total summer movie package. The only objection I have is Jessica Biel’s character, (Charissa Sosa). It seemed that the director and writer was confusing the character with misdirections of trying catch criminals. Every time, Sosa discovers a clue, she fails to retrieve it. Then, there’s a scene where she walks out of a car to arrest a man with stilettos on. How can I take her seriously? She would chase the suspect and lose them every time. What’s the significance of her role besides playing hard to get with Face? I did enjoy, Murdock’s character. He’s sort of a genius at his craft (airplane pilot) and is sometimes mentally insane. Murdock adding a comedic connection with B.A. is a side-splitter.